Taxi cars authorized by the Municipality of Bucharest and Ilfov County are available for the passengers arriving at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport , having rates between 2.29 and 3.50 lei/km, without prior order. They are parked in line on the taxi stands located at the exit of the terminal and pick up passengers in the order of their arrival.

Another taxi station with cars authorized by the Municipality of Bucharest and Ilfov County are available, having the same rates ranging between 2.29 - 3.50 lei/km is located at the ground floor of the Arrivals Terminal. 



Passengers who wish to order a taxi can use the touch screen terminals located in the public area of ​​the Arrivals terminal, 1st floor, South side (on the left side after exiting the baggage belts area).

Icons are displayed on the touch screen terminals through which passengers can order taxi cars authorized by the Municipality of Bucharest and the County of Ilfov, according to Law no. 38/2003.

Icons displayed on the touch screen terminals highlight the carrier's operating rates or, where appropriate, the card payment option.

After the taxi order is made by the passengers, the touch screen terminal issues an order ticket containing identification elements of the taxi car (the taxi car's license plate number and registration number, the estimated time of arrival, the time and date when the order was made, the operating carrier’s fare, as well as the phone number of the taxi company/dispatch).

After picking up the order ticket, passengers will move to the assigned area in front of the Arrivals Terminal for boarding.

Passengers must board the ordered taxi car and keep the order ticket, also after exiting the taxi in case any complaints regarding the transport occur.

The access of taxis from Bucharest and Ilfov County to the public parking lots of the airport is prohibited by law.

Accosting customers, both by taxi drivers and by persons involved, is sanctioned by Law 38/2003. The application of sanctions, in the perimeter of the airport, is carried out by Henri Coandă Air Transport Police.


Complaints may be addressed to:

Local Police of the Municipality of Bucharest

Phone: 021 9752



Henri Coandă Air Transport Police

Phone: 021 201 3242



Regulament TAXI - Ediția Martie 2024

Anexa 1 - Fluxuri Taxi

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