Licensed taxis without prior request, with fares between 1.89 lei/km and 3.5 lei/km, will be available for passengers arriving at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport. These cars will be situated in a taxi stations located at the exit of the terminal and will take passengers in order of arrival.

The touch screen terminals for taxi requests will still be available for customers who want to order taxi from a certain company.

Licensed taxi cars with fares between 1.89 lei/km and 3.5 lei/km are available on the ground floor, in front of the Arrivals terminal.

Taxi access in public parking is prohibited by law.

Approaching customers, both by taxi drivers and by middlemen, is sanctioned by taxi law (Law 38/2003). Any violation of the law in the airport area shall be handled by the Transport Police (phone number: +4021 201 3242).

The National Authority for Consumer’s Protection phone number: +4021 9551


Regulament TAXI - Ediția Ianuarie 2019

Anexa 1 - Fluxuri Taxi

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