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The formalities consist of passengers and baggage registration and the assigning of a seat on board of the aircraft.

The check-in formalities are carried out at the desk reserved for your flight.

You can easily find the desks by paying attention to the screens and the flights displays  which present the following information:

  • the airline, 
  • the flight number,
  • the destination,
  • the estimated departure time as well as the status of the operations performed (check-in open, check-in closed, delay, etc.). 

The deadline for registration varies according to the destination and the airline. Please observe the instructions written on your ticket or contact the airline for details.
Ask the airline you are flying with all the information regarding your baggage: maximum weight allowed, charges for overweight, sizes, hand and hold baggage, items allowed in the cabin, items forbidden to be taken on board, etc. 

Moreover, you may use the Self check-in service (not to be confused with on-line check-in) may be generated by using the self check-in machines in the departures terminal. This is a self service system allowing passengers to perform the necessary transactions for airline check-in. The self check-in machines generate the required documents, all without the assistance of airline or ground handling personnel. Please note that the hold baggage is to be handed at a special designated counter called “Drop-off”.

The list of companies for which self check-in services are available: Tarom, Air France, British Airways, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines.

Air travelling implies certain formalities (passengers and baggage check-in, security checks, customs control, etc.). Allow enough time for all these; it’s in your best interest to have a quiet and safe travel!

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